G-Stomper Studio, Rhythm & VA-Beast 4.4 open BETA

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G-Stomper Studio, Rhythm & VA-Beast 4.4 open BETA

Postby planet-h » Sat Aug 29, 2015 7:56 am

Hi everybody
The open BETA tests for the upcoming version 4.4 of G-Stomper Studio, Rhythm and VA-Beast have started yesterday.

If you're willing to join the tests, just visit the G-Stomper Public BETA Group on google+ and click "ask to join".


Only users who downloaded one or more of the following apps on Google Play will be able to grab the BETA releases.

G-Stomper Studio
G-Stomper VA-Beast
G-Stomper Rhythm

In case of the paid apps, this means you must be a regular Google Play buyer.

G-Stomper Studio 4.4 BETA Release Notes:


  • New MIDI export for Patterns (Main Menu / EXP / Pattern as MIDI)
    Generally only Tracks with audible content are included in a MIDI Export. In other words, muted Tracks and Tracks without a main Sequence will be excluded. Automations are only exported, if the automated parameter is mapped to a MIDI CC in the MIDI Setup.
  • Bugfix: Continuously incoming NoteON/OFF messages of the same note are now handled correctly


  • The sample loader allows now to browse (and load from) the list samples which are used in the current project
  • Fixed a bug in the sampler automation menu (LFO params do now show up properly)
  • Fixed a bug in the sampler backend, which caused some sounds not be played in some very rare situations (very special thanks to Peter and Jan for their report and help)


  • 7 new FX types:
    Transient Shaper
    Compressor/Limiter II
    Vocoder A (8-Band)
    Vocoder B (8-Band)
    Vocoder C (8-Band)
    Vocoder D (8-Band)
    All new FX types are side-chainable, which means they have 2 inputs (in the regular FX chain).
    In case of the Vocoders, the normal input 1 is the Modulator (voice) signal, while the input 2 is the Carrier (synth) signal.
    If you don't send a carrier (synth) signal to input 2 of the vocoders, then an internal carrier is generated (static at note C2).
  • Overall Compressor/Limiter algorithms improved
  • Fixed a bug in the LFOs which prevented the LFOs from being properly reset in some rare situations (very special thanks to Peter and Jan for their report and help)

Audio & Audio related:

  • More control over the internal audio latency (see Setup/AUD/Internal Latency)
  • Lower latency for devices with OpenSL support


  • Automatic file backup (in form of a ..._BAK file) whenever you save a Pattern, Pattern Set, Sound Set or Synth Preset (see Setup / GEN / Automatic file Backup)
  • New embedded file formats for Pattern Sets, Sound Sets and Patterns. All G-Stomper files that contain references to audio samples do now embed the samples by default.
    This means you can share your patterns, pattern sets or sound sets with other users, even if they don't have the used samples.
    This also means, once you've saved your G-Stomper files, you can move your userssamples whereever you're up to (e.g. to the additional sd card), since the new embedded files will work without having the samples at their orignial location.
    If you prefer the old linked file format (which is slightly faster and also of smaller file size) you can switch the default file format to 'linked' in the G-Stomper Setup (see Setup / GEN / Default File format).
    The embedded file types all end with a 'e' in the file extension (e.g. Pattern = <pattername>.gspe).
    Which files are embedded types and which are in the old style is indicated in the G-Stomper filebrowser by an 'E' on the file icon.


  • Added full support for Android M (6.0), including the new Android M Permission model
  • Devices with the Adreno 420 GPU (e.g. Nexus 6) will be back on full speed with Android M (Google fixed the driver Bug in the latest M release)

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