Getting started with Song Arrangements in G-Stomper Studio

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Getting started with Song Arrangements in G-Stomper Studio

Postby planet-h » Sun Sep 20, 2015 6:28 am

As a very first step I’d strongly recommend to watch the beginners tutorial.

If you prefer just to watch the specific part about song arrangement, just start at 13:08 with the following link:

Also be sure to check out the Pattern Set & Song Arranger Docs at:

Short introduction:
Most important to understand is that in G-Stomper everything is based on patterns, and so everything always starts with single pattern.

A Pattern Set is (as the name suggests) a set of multiple (actually 64) concurrent patterns.
To create a song, you can use a max of 64 different patterns.
You can start with a single pattern on slot A-01 for example and then copy it over and over to different slots (while making changes), or you can load various patterns to the different slots.

To switch between the different patterns on the pattern set view, simply tap the slots (during playback these switches are always beat-safe, just try, then you’ll see).
A Song in G-Stomper is in fact a recorded sequence of such pattern changes (switches between pattern slots).

While in Song mode (you’ll find that switch on the pattern set view), just hit record and play and then tap the different slots to switch between the patterns. While recording your pattern switches will all be recorded to the song arrangement. You can of course also program your song sequence manually in use of the song edit controls (see the docs at the link above).

A song arrangement can contain up to 999 pattern switches, which gives you enough freedom to create very long tracks.

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