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Re: midi files

Postby planet-h » Thu Feb 08, 2018 8:26 am

Folkdisco wrote:A big, big thank you for this.

No problem;).
MIDI import has been in the task list since a while. But it was laid on ice, as it was not possible to integrate it properly in the past because GSS didn't provide all required sequencer features. Fortunately this has changed with the latest sequencer updates (overall micro steps, real velocity for the drum machine, etc.). And since MIDI import was one of the most requested features by many users, it was clear that it'll be one of the next feature upgrades.

I'm pretty sure you'll love the new MIDI importer.
If all goes well, it'll be beta ready at the beginning of the next week, maybe even sooner.

Thanks again for your input and your continuous support.

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