G-Stomper 2.6.8 in progress

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G-Stomper 2.6.8 in progress

Postby planet-h » Fri Aug 09, 2013 9:38 am

Hi guys
Back from vacation and back at coding ;)
Here are the latest news for the upcoming release 2.6.8

- Side Chaining in the main EFX chain: for Compressor(simple), Limiter(simple), Compressor/Limiter + all Filters(filter envelope followers)
- New Single Sample export to bounce a sample with all its track settings (pan, vol, start, len, pitch, trackfilter cutoff/resonance, Gate/Env, Env-Type, Reverse, Normalize); but not the efx chain. This will be very useful to cut samples on the go.
- Several Bugfixes

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