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Re: Reset record parameters

Posted: Tue Jun 23, 2015 1:47 pm
by planet-h
yohanonbenavrom wrote:Okay thnx
May be U will advice me of what usb interface i should use with gstomper??
I have sams tab4 with andr 4.4.2

I personally would not recommend to use an usb audio interface if you're not running on android 5.1 or higher. Android 4.4.x just introduced the usb audio interface support (which was buggy).

Regarding G-Stomper:
There's no usb audio interface, which is "better" or "worse" with G-Stomper. If the usb audio interface works with your device, then it works with G-Stomper. Usually you have much more latency with usb audio interfaces (this has nothing to do with G-Stomper, it comes from the Android OS)

Furthermore, the glaxy tab 4 is probably too slow to use usb audio interfaces. There's a cpu overhead for the usb communication and the additional buffering, and I guess a QuadCore 1.2ghz does not serve enough power.