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G-Stomper Studio 5 open BETA

Postby planet-h » Mon Jan 11, 2016 3:46 pm

Hi everybody
The open BETA tests for the upcoming G-Stomper Studio 5.0 started today.

This new version finally brings full Multi-Sample based synthesis to the integrated VA-Beast Synth, which means you can use sample (PCM) based instruments instead of regular oscillator waveforms.

If you're willing to join the tests, just visit the G-Stomper Public BETA Group on google+ and click "ask to join".


Only regular owners of a G-Stomper Studio full license, bought on Google Play, can join the test and download the BETA release.

gss5rc1_a_800.jpg (138.62 KiB) Viewed 10207 times
gss5rc1_b_800.jpg (154.83 KiB) Viewed 10207 times
gss5rc1_c_800.jpg (124.44 KiB) Viewed 10207 times

G-Stomper Studio 5.0 RC1 Release Notes:

VA-Beast Synthesizer:

  • New Multi-Sample based Synthesis for the VA-Beast Synthesizer (tap through the OSC waveforms until you reach PCM)
  • New SFZ Preset Importer, which lets you load .wav and .aif based SFZ files (Main Menu / IMP / VA Generic Preset (.sfz)
  • New free assignable Morph Group + onscreen Mod Wheel control on the Piano KB
  • New controls to customize the KB Pitch Wheel range (up/down independent, 0-24 semi tones)
  • New a Sustain Pedal onscreen control to the Piano KB (multi-mode: Momentary, Toggle, Continuous)
  • 41 new PCM based, multi sampled Presets (Main Menu / LOAD / VA Factory Preset / PCM Based Presets)
  • Overall improved VA Factory Presets
  • Upgraded the complete Synthesizer core to Stereo
  • Fixed the velocity (absence) bug in the VA-Beast arpeggiator
  • Fixed the incomplete automation parameter selection of the VA-Beast Synth (filter2 + unison)
  • Added once extra voice per synth instance to avoid "hard cutting" when running out of voices

  • Fixed a memory leak in the Sample Pool
  • Fixed various minor bugs in the sample loader + persistency handling
  • Fixed a bug in the wav reader which prevented some rare bastardized header formats from working
  • Overall improved Sampler performance

  • Fixed a bug in the MIDI driver for MIDI interfaces with multiple interfaces pointing to the same usb endpoint
  • Fixed a crash bug in the MIDI device connector which forced the app to close in some rare situations (special thanks to Jesse for the report)
  • Fixed a bug in the RPN/NRPN input listener which prevented RPN/NRPN messages from working with multiple virtual interfaces

  • Memory Optimization for low powered devices
  • Improved overall FX Performance
  • New High Performance Stereo Filters
  • 4 Vocal Samples and 1 Guitar Sample had to be removed from the Factory Sounds (sorry for that)
  • Fixed a Google Play Services incompatibility issue
  • Removed the support for the G-Stomper 1.0 XML based file formats

  • Simplified Content Selection in the Data Copy Framework (boxed content selection)
  • Fixed a bug which forced the menu tabs to be in white color on some devices
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Re: G-Stomper Studio 5 open BETA

Postby planet-h » Thu Jan 28, 2016 9:17 am

The first release candidate went online in this moment.
Check the updated release notes and screen shots in the main post above.

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