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The Eternal Optimist

Posted: Tue Oct 01, 2019 8:54 am
by SkinTex
Although it's been another month since this section got a post, I'm sure everyone has been busy making some good sounds. Myself, I've been busy with a variety of tracks and would like to share one of them in order to keep the sharing-flow going on this board. (Yes, that's a hint.).

Link: Tbc - The Eternal Optimist

I wrote The Eternal Optimist as an acknowledgement to postive self-reflection. Everyone has had these moments where you have to talk to yourself. Sometimes it's to bring courage. Sometimes it's to make yourself see reality. For me, it's optimism. When bad things happen, I tell myself there will also be good things happening. When meeting nasty people, I remember there are a lot of good people out there too. When being down, things can only go up. It's not a choice as I do it automatically. It's who I am. :)

The genre/soundset I've been using for this track (and a few before) is gradually becoming my favorite and I can only describe it as a mix between early trance and game music. Technically the track isn't finished, it needs the final polishing and slight variations in the percussion area. If anyone's interested working on it: drop me a PM. The track is unmastered, so I have no idea how it'll sound on your speakers.

Thank you for reading and listening.

Re: The Eternal Optimist

Posted: Tue Oct 01, 2019 4:25 pm
by planet-h
Hey SkinTex
Great to hear another production by you.
Even if you say it's unfinished, it sounds excellent on my speakers.
While listening it, it really feels that there have been put some very good work in it.
I love that main bassy arp synth starting at 0:48.
Also, there are some beautiful melodies in the track... it really pushes upwards.
Very well done, SkinTex.

Re: The Eternal Optimist

Posted: Wed Dec 18, 2019 6:51 pm
by lonbluster
:ugeek: :ugeek: thumbs up :o

Re: The Eternal Optimist

Posted: Tue Apr 13, 2021 2:04 pm
by acidman180
not bad at all! nice oldskool track :D :D :D