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Sharing is caring #1

Postby SkinTex » Tue Mar 26, 2019 6:49 pm

Thank you for opening this post on the forums. I've been wanting to do this for about 2 years before I had the courage and the time to do this.

You see, I'm a guy which has been making music since 1994. Started on 4 channel MODtracker, Screamtracker3, Impulse Tracker and later MODplug tracker. All trackers. Sure I've had numerous VST & VSTi's, but never really used a sequencer as a main method of making music. Until G-Stomper.

Making music is sortof a secret thing I do. I gave up playing for audiences a long time ago. Only create it when I'm in the mood. To let emotions out. To get in a flow, where the world around me disappears until I suddenly realize hours have passed and it's in the middle of the night. Because of this, I have literally thousands of tracks which the world has never heard because it's so.....personal. My songs represent emotions which happened during particular phases in my life. Anger, happiness, abandonment, excitement, etc. Listening to it sometimes gives me the emotions I had when creating it. Hence it's why I have been so protective about it. But that's going to change with this post.

About 5 years ago, I got very sick. Hardly could leave my home, being couchridden and unable to perform simple tasks. Because laptops/pc's are associated with the job I had, I removed all devices from my life with the exception of my phone. This also meant I no longer could make music. :(

Until I found G-Stomper.

Though unfamiliar with the workings of a sequencer, it wasn't long before I recognized the potential. Ofcourse I was sceptical at first; mobile apps are usually slimmed down versions of real software and my expectancy of just having a few WAVs on loop was blown away by realizing this IS a real piece of software. All I needed to get it under control was time. Which I have plenty of. My years in trackers gave me the understanding of most terms. But what I was missing.....were example songs. Exchanging songs. Best way to learn a tool for me, is making a remix. And that's why I wanted to add some songs(mp3 & source) here. I may not be a great artist (I create purely for myself), but I do feel I owe G-Stomper Studio more than the 9,99 on the playstore and that's why I want to do something back. If I can help at least one single person understand the workings better, then this post has been completely worth it. I'm also saving up money for G-Stomper Producer, I hope to be able to purchase it in the upcoming months (I have no income) and hope it uses a similar format.

So, here's the first one I'm going to share with you all. It's called:

Tbc - Wherever you are my friend


While recovering from my illness, I have had the fortune of a cat which chose to live with me. He became my best pal in the whole world where we would do many human and cat stuff together. He was very intelligent and extremely caring, making up for the isolation I live in. Sadly, he died of diabetes in Oktober. I miss him very much, and I have a hard time letting go of him. But a true friendship isn't about clinging on, it's about wishing the best for the friend. That's.....pretty much what I tried to put into this song and where the name comes from. It's an electropop song (some hints of 2000s trance) with a long buildup, you can disregard the first warm-up minute and the actual melody starts around 3:30. I'm not sure if/which sample packs are used, I installed every free one I could get.

More songs will be posted soon.

Thank you Planet-H for making this possible. And thank you all for reading this. May your tunes rock!
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Re: Sharing is caring #1

Postby planet-h » Wed Mar 27, 2019 5:11 pm

Hey SkinTex
Thank you very much for sharing your work. Very well produced track, congratulations! I really liked it. There's a lot of good work in it. I love the melodies.
I'm really sorry to hear about your sickness. I'm glad you kept your phone and so found your way to G-Stomper.
Hopefully you're getting back to full health at some point.

Sorry, but I had to remove the link to the .gsse file.
For copyright reasons it is not allowed to post .gsse files that contain custom samples.
The reason is that you can (even if it's not that easy) extract the separate samples from a .gsse file.
And redistributing separate samples in any form is strictly forbidden (as stated in our Terms of Use).

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