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6.3.4 Pattern Length in Bars

Use these controls set the Pattern length in Bars.


Use the UP/Down Arrows to set a value from 1 up to 8 Bars.

If you increase the length of an existing Pattern, then the existing Bars get automatically copied to the newly created Bars according to the following copy rule:

Bar 2

Copy of Bar 1

Bar 3

Copy of Bar 1

Bar 4

Copy of Bar 2

Bar 5

Copy of Bar 1

Bar 6

Copy of Bar 2

Bar 7

Copy of Bar 3

Bar 8

Copy of Bar 4

That way you’ll never lose any already programmed variations, e.g. when changing the Pattern Length from 4 to 8 Bars.


The Timing & Measure settings in G-Stomper allow for a great deal of flexibility. However, there are some cases where the definition of a ‘Bar’ is not consistent with the intended Time Signature.

The ‘Step Timing’ allows for a maximum of 16 steps per beat. The ‘Steps per Bar’ allows for a maximum of 16 steps per bar. The ‘Length in Bars’ allows for a maximum of 8 bars per pattern.

When the ‘Step Timing’ and intended Time Signature requires more than 16 Steps, then ‘Steps per Bar’ may actually refer to ‘Steps per Beat’ or even ‘Steps per two Beats’.

In these cases, the ‘Length in Bars’ takes its definition of ‘Bars’ not from the intended Time Signature, but rather as defined by the ‘Steps per Bar’ setting. It basically means the number of pages/screens in the Pattern.

The maximum number of Steps per Pattern regardless of the Step Timing is 128.

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