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24.11 General

Minimum device specs

G-Stomper Studio, Rhythm and VA-Beast:

1GHz Dual-Core CPU

800 * 480 screen resolution Android 5.x

G-Stomper Producer: 1.2GHz Quad-Core CPU 1280 * 720 screen resolution Android 5.x

Recommended device specs

2GHz Quad-Core CPU or faster 1980 * 1080 screen resolution Android 6.x or higher

Storage Access Permission Read/Write External Storage

Our mobile apps mandatorily require read and write access to your device storage to be able to load and save musical content, such as Patterns, Pattern Sets, Sound Sets, Synthesizer Presets, Generic Synthesizer Presets (.sfz), Audio Samples (.wav, .aif, .aiff), and MIDI files (.mid, .midi).

Microphone Access Record Audio

Our mobile apps require access to your microphone to be able to record new audio samples in use of the integrated graphical audio editor. If you start the audio editor in the particular app (e.g. by long pressing the main record button) and then press the record button in the audio editor, then (and only then) the app will access your microphone as long as choose to record audio. As soon as you press the stop button in the audio editor or when you exit the audio editor, the app will stop accessing your microphone.

Location Access Access Fine Location

Our mobile apps require access to your device’s location to be able to search/scan for Bluetooth Low Energy (hereinafter “Bluetooth LE”, “BLE”) MIDI devices, such as MIDI controllers, MIDI interfaces or MIDI extenders. If you press the “Scan for Bluetooth LE MIDI Devices” button in the MIDI settings of the particular app, then (and only then) the app will access the device’s location in order to find Bluetooth LE MIDI devices around you.

Internet Access

Our mobile apps require internet access for the use of Ableton Link. Ableton Link is a technology that synchronizes beat, phase and tempo of Ableton Live and Link-enabled apps over a wireless network. In order to access a wireless network, our apps require the internet access permission.

App2Sd support


Multi-Touch enabled:

All G-Stomper Apps provide full Multi-Touch support

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