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17.2.1 What is the Global Quantum?

G-Stomper Producer comes with a dedicated Pattern Sequencer per Track, each with a set of 64 Track Patterns, and each Track Pattern with independent size and time signature.

That way you can for example mix a 4/4 Kick Drum Pattern with a triplet Open Hi-Hat at 5/8 Pattern and a 3/16 Closed Hi-Hat Pattern. All of these Patterns (can) have a different time signature, size, and swing configuration.

All Track Patterns and their individual timings are kept in sync by the Global Sequencer. The Global Sequencer has its own global timing, specified in beats per cycle. This is what we call the “Global Quantum”.

The current position of the Global Sequencer within a Global Quantum cycle is called the “Global Phase”. It is reflected by the Global Phase progress bar in the Project Info Display in the toolbar on top.


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