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25 FAQ & Trouble Shooting

25.1 FAQ


25.1.1 Is there a separate User Manual for each App in the G-Stomper family?25.1.2 Where can I find the Video Tutorials?25.1.3 What are the differences between the particular G-Stomper Apps?25.1.4 Why do I have to use the “System Files Picker” to access files in Shared Storage?25.1.5 I don’t like the new File System Handling. How can I get the old Handling back?25.1.6 How to use Sounds from Add-On Packs?25.1.7 Do I have to pay again to install a paid G-Stomper app on another device?25.1.8 Is there a place to share the music I created with G-Stomper?25.1.9 Where can I find G-Stomper in the Social Networks?25.1.10 Where can I get Support for the G-Stomper Apps?

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