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25.2.6 G-Stomper (on Samsung Android 5.1.1) crashes when I connect an USB MIDI device

Due to a bug in the permission system of the Samsung Android 5.1.1 update, it is not possible to use USB MIDI devices on certain Samsung models. Please note that this problem also occurs in many other apps, so it’s definitely not a bug in G-Stomper.

So far, the problem has been reported for the following devices (first appearance in early October 2015):

Galaxy S5

Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 Galaxy Tab E 9.6 Galaxy Tab 4 7

If you can choose, please do not install any system updates until Samsung has fixed the problem. The bug is already reported to Samsung, but if you run into that problem, please let Samsung know about it. As more reports they get as higher the chance that it’ll be fixed soon.

Update: The bug is fixed by Samsung in the latest Marshmallow update.

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