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23.2.6 No Sound when USB MIDI Controller/Keyboard connected

This seems to be an Android OS or driver bug on several devices (e.g. Sony XPeria Z1/Z3 running on Android 4.4). Devices with that bug think the connected USB MIDI device is actually an USB Audio interface and therefore route the audio output to the USB MIDI interface rather than the speakers/headphones (which does of course not work).

For now, the only workaround is to override the wrong audio routing in use of an app called SoundAbout, which can be downloaded from Google Play:

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.woodslink.android.wiredheadphoneroutingfix Once installed, follow the steps below:

1. Start G-Stomper

2. Plug in MIDI keyboard (and grant permission)

3. Launch SoundAbout

4. Select the desired media for audio in "Media audio" (headphones/speaker)

5. Set "SoundAbout Service" to "ON" (with or without status)

6. Go back to G-Stomper

Et voilĂ , audio works again.

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