Announcing G-Stomper Beat Studio 3.0

After months of work, I can proudly present G-Stomper Beat Studio 3.0 with the fully integrated VA-Beast Synthesizer as well as polyphonic sequencing, and yes, it finally got USB Midi support.

You can read the complete list of new features and improvements in the Release Notes.

Big thanks to all the beta testers. I really appreciate your help and support during the last two months.

G-Stomper Beat Studio 3.0 is now online on Google Play and Amazon

4 thoughts on “Announcing G-Stomper Beat Studio 3.0”

  1. Hola!Just updated few hours a go. It looks amazing, fantastic.I would like to try it in a nice tablet.For now I think I often must visit the settings windows;)I have an akai lpd8 with the factory settings in 4 banks but when I plug into the phone is ok but there’s no sound. Any help?Thank you very much

    1. Thanks a lot, Ivan:). I’m glad you like it.
      So about the midi controller:
      If I understand you right, you’re plugging it in, then Android offers you a list of apps to use with the controller, you choose G-Stomper Beat Studio, and you get finally some successful message (some short displayed message on the G-Stomper view). Is this correct?

      In the G-Stomper Settings, make sure that you’re initially on the default setup, in fact Midi / VT1 = All Channels, this is the easiest way to test it. Then tap your pad, any sound?
      As far as I see in the lpd8 quick start guide from akai, the pads should send note on/off events, but to be really sure of this, you have to check it using the included (with your lpd8) software editor. Make sure that the pads are mapped to midi notes + that the pad is really sending midi events.

      Btw. is it working with any other android apps? E.g. with RD4 (or it’s demo)?

    1. Thank you for the info. And thanks in advance for posting your solution when you sorted it out. This will definitely help others with a similar problem.

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